Tricia Lauerman


Tricia Lauerman is the owner of Altitude Pole Dance & Fitness in Frisco, Texas.  With the unwavering support of her husband of 18 years, 2 children, countless students, fellow instructors and pole fitness enthusiasts all over the world, she enjoys teaching all levels of pole fitness, exploring the many different styles of pole dance, and performing and competing all across the nation.

Her favorite aspect of competitions has always been meeting other pole enthusiasts from across the nation and getting to meet, train and share the stage with some of the most talented, sincere, and dedicated aerial artists in the nation. Their passion, creativity and support inspires her to put her heart and soul into each performance.

Tricia is the Miss Texas Pole Star 2012 Masters Division Winner.  In May, she was awarded the silver medal at the Capital of Texas Aerial Arts Championship Masters Division, and in June she won a Silver and Bronze medal at the Southern Pole Championships.

This is her third yearto compete in the Midwest Pole Dancing competition and is excited to be participating in this brand new division. She would like to thank Mary Ellyn Weissman, all the volunteers and everyone at NAPDC for all their passion, dedication and hard work in creating such a wonderful event to bring us all together.