Tiffany Rose Mockler has dedicated her entire life to combining art with human performance. She is a former U.S. National Team Member for Synchronized Swimming and has competed, taught, and performed globally since the age of fifteen. Her love of music, human movement and dance led her to discover pole dance. She fell deeply for this beautiful art form.

Tiffany Rose currently teaches at pole dance studios all over California (including the world-renowned San Francisco Pole and Dance) in addition to her work as an Online Instructor for “Cleo’s Rock n’ Pole.” She is a cast member of “Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show” in Hollywood and has performed at the Playboy Mansion, the LA Staples Center, San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral, for television shows and music videos, and has starred in a documentary covering the sport of Pole Dance.

Her love and knowledge of the human body and nutrition is where her highest passion lies. Tiffany Rose is a master certified personal trainer with a specialty in Corrective Exercise. She holds certifications from the American Council of Exercise and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She promotes the empowerment of women through plant based diets, sport and Rock n’ Roll!


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Slow & Sultry (Pole Workshop)

This mixed level class is good for beginners to advanced level dancers. It is a return to beautiful, traditional pole. Movements are sexier and more sensual. The warm up will be in heels and have the lights low. The class will focus on across the floor work, torrid floor work, and lower third work on the pole. This sultry class is a fun way to work on better extension, active flexibility, and joint movement. It cultivates slow, slithering motion and transitions for flawless, effortless-looking movement.

  • Requirements: Heels, Leg Warmers/Knee Pads

Sensual Spin Pole

Learn to move with sensual poise and grace on this spinning apparatus. We will break down the science of spin pole movement with an exotic element added to it while learning to safely and efficiently control it.

  • Great for beginner pole dancers or intermediates who want to put a more exotic flow on their spin routines

Exotique Dance & Floor Work (Non-Pole Workshop)

Tiffany Rose’s most popular workshop, and no pole needed for this sexy class, but heels are a must! In this class we slink, slither and seduce the audience with our exotic dance inspired moves and transitions. Tiffany Rose will be teaching leg flares, heel clacks, body rolls, and new takes on old favs. Being sexy is hard work, so get ready to sweat!

  • Requirements: Heels required, Leg Warmers/Knee Pads are highly recommended