Volunteers are an integral part of running our event smoothly. They are highly relied upon to be responsible, accountable and professional.

Each year we accept a limited number of volunteers.

  • Those who have volunteered for us before will be given first priority.
  • Volunteers must work a minimum of 4 hours per day in exchange for free passes to the event for each day that they work
  • The majority of volunteer positions must commit to working all three days of the event.
  • New volunteers who have not worked for us in the past or who had to cancel their volunteered hours in the past must purchase a pass for the event or a workshop and will be reminbursed within 60 days from the event if they meet all of their volunteer commitments.
  • Volunteers may purchase workshops and we will work around their schedules.
  • Volunteers will be assigned to various duties including but not limited to:

    • Registration desk
    • Working the doors checking wrist bands
    • Helping check guests into workshops
    • Inside ushers assisting with seating and monitoring VIP
    • Pole Cleaners
  • Volunteers may indicate preferences but we cannot guarantee that all of your assignments will be the area you choose.
  • We work our hardest to allow the majority of volunteers to see all professional divisions but a few may be required to monitor registration and watch the competition from the back of the hall
  • Most volunteer work is during the daytime hours when the open divisions will take place. We cannot guarantee that volunteers will not miss these divisions

If you are interested in volunteering for us please email Mary Ellyn at Info@MidwestPoleDancing.com with the subject "Volunteer"