Seating Policies

Event seating is arranged into two sections: VIP and General Admission.

VIP is the first 4 rows (120 seats) and General Admission is the rest of the seats from row 5 back.

Seats are not assigned within each section and everyone will be seated on a first-come first-served basis.

Anyone who has not purchased a VIP ticket but is found sitting in the VIP area will be asked to move and may be asked to leave immediately with no refund or credit and not allowed to return to the event.


What to expect upon arrival:

Upon arrival there will a single file check in line outside of the convention hall. Check in will begin at 8:00am.
Please have your tickets and government issued photo ID ready when you reach the registration table to check in.

Each person will be given a wrist band or hand stamp – color coded for their day of admission plus green for over 21 or anyone when presenting a photo ID proof of age.

The vendor area will be open for browsing but you may not claim your seats until 1 hour prior to show time. Seats may not be held from one show to the next. Unattended personal items saving seats will be removed and placed at the registration table – someone must stay with the seats being saved for others. One person may save up to 6 seats maximum.

Leaving the convention hall:

One person may not hold more than 6 seats – one for themselves plus five others.

If you leave the convention hall for a break or to use the rest room, you must show your wrist band/stamp to gain re-entry.

We will break at approximately 4:00pm and doors will re-open at 5pm at which time you must claim new seats. You may not leave items in place during break to hold your seats as they will be removed by staff.

Please note:

  • No outside food or beverages are allowed in the convention hall at any time. There will be a concession stand available all day with snacks, sandwiches and salads and soft drinks and a cash bar available after 5pm with alcoholic drinks
  • Certain seats will be held for staff and pole cleaners who have responsibilities during the show.
    These seats may not be claimed by other guests.
  • No signage or noisemakers will be allowed in the convention hall!