Vendor/Exhibit Hall Layout

This diagram is not to scale. Perimeter booths are 10 x 12 and interior tables are 8×10
Scroll to bottom to see assigned tables
*Several vendor requests are still outstanding so tables will be filled as requests are received.

Floor plan copy


1. Fab Pole 5. Hedonism 9. Insurance 4 Pole Dancers 13.        A.  Mary Caryl E. Online Pole Studio      I.  Karol Helms
2. Mika Yoga Wear 6. Aura Heels 10. NAPDCC 14. B. SeneGence International F. Keahirada Designs J.
3. Mika Yoga Wear 7. 11. Rogue Body Works   C. Artista Active Wear G. Polerform K. Denver Circus Supply
4. 8. 12. Glory LA   D. H. Alethea Austin
& Chrome Bar Merch and Swag
L. Natasha Wang & X-Purr