Seduction – an erotic showcase

Hold onto your seats and bring a fan….this is going to be the hottest event you’ve ever seen!
The only restrictions are no full nudity and no penetration! The possibilities are endless!

  • Pole dance, floor or chair dance – or any combination of. Singles, doubles or troupes!
  • Costume cannot be more than “R” Rated
    • Minimal costume requirements include pasties, G-strings and merkins. Topless not allowed.
  • No application videos…just sign up before all spots are gone.
  • All participants are required to purchase a Saturday pass or a weekend pass to participate in the showcase.

Stage Specs:

  • Poles will be at floor level (no stage risers this year)
  • Staging area: 24′ wide be 16′ deep
    • Wood laminate flooring
  • Poles
    • 45mm chrome X-Pert competition poles
    • 13′ high
    • 10′ space between