• You must purchase a weekend or corresponding day pass in order to attend any workshops
  • Absolutely no refunds, credits, exchanges or transfers for any reason
  • Important: You MUST pick up workshop registration tickets at the registration desk in or to enter the workshop rooms.
    The instructor will collect passes and you will not be allowed to enter without your ticket.

    • No refunds will be given if you miss any portion or all of your workshop if you have to go back to registration and wait in line for your ticket!

Pole Workshops:
75-minute workshops: $75-85 per person
Will be scheduled for late Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday – check back for details after May 1st.
8 X-Stages per workshop
16 participants per workshop

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Friday July 13th, 2018

4pm: Zoraya: Liquid Spin – ALL Levels
– Zoraya teaches every workshop with progressions so all levels can participate

Combos and Transitions on spinning pole. Recognizing how to listen to your body and enjoy the spinning pole. 


4pm: Alethea: Lap Dance All levels
(noun) an erotic dance or striptease performed close to, or sitting on the lap of, a paying customer.

Get ready babes, we are going to teach you the art of lap dancing! This class is all body positive and tons of fun. Why not, you know you need a good lap dance in your repetiore.

FAQ: Eye contact – Yes
Sultry Moves – 4 days
Stripping – We will shed some layers but only down to pole clothes so bring extra to throw around!
Contact – Yes. We will make sure you are comfortable laughing and figuring our the "sexy" with a group of cool ladies.
*Are you a guy and want to take this class? To keep it from getting weird please ask before signing up.

Saturday July 14th, 2018

9:30am – Karol Helms – Down and Dirty Floor work – All Levels

Face down A$$ UP, that's the way to get Down & Dirtry on the floor.  You will learn sexy transitions from standing to the floor, crawling, elbow stands, forward and backward rolls, booty tricks and lots of fun floor poses to showcase on the floor..! LADIES – PLEASE bring thick leg warmers, long-sleeved tops, over the knee socks, and/or knee pads for your comfort when sliding on the floor..! HEELS are ENCOURAGED and totally welcomed!
9:30am – Elizabeth Carmine Black – Make it Rain






Get ready to strap on your heels as we slap, smack, and clack our way across the floor. In this workshop we will explore different ways to swag out your sexy. With a fusion of sultry lowflow & ass-tastic floorwork; you will learn how to hair whip, ass slap and heel clack with style. The workshop will incorporate leg play on and off the pole, low flow, and pole work.
Layers are HIGHLY suggested (leggings, legwarmers, knee pads, socks, and a tee-shirt). Your feet and knees must be covered. Sexy wear is encouraged and recommended.

9:30am – Sarah Jade – Slink, Straddle and Roll –  All Levels

Sarah loves to slink! In this all levels low flow and floorwork workshop she will show how to roll your body from head to toe and creative captivating movement. This workshop is appropriate for all skill levels, heels and knee protection highly recommended.

11:00am – Natasha – Splitties, Spreadies & Threadies – Intermediate/Advanced

Learn Natasha Wang's signature movement styles, including lots of splits, straddles, and twisty, threading combos!

11:00am – Heidi – Pole”Riginality all levels

In this workshop Heidi will guide you through an experience with free dance. You will focus on creating a "feel" for the music using character development, playing with musicality in a variety of music, and specific challenges getting you to think "outside the pole"! You will also get a chance to look at different moves and tweak them to make them your "own". The main focus will be getting "you" to be the dancer that you have inside, not just what you see on Youtube.

1:45pm – Alethea Austin – Ride The Chrome (Should be able to climb)

Why not make a great workshop even more memorable? Join Alethea in a true celebration of Exotic Day 2018. Vibe, roll, dive and get down to signature AA choreography with money flying everywhere. Emphasis will be placed on strong snappy lines combined with fluid refined exotic movement. The base of with choreo will be all level routine with funny money props. Highlight trick options for different level dancers will be given. The end of this workshop will be all about fun and confidence as we taking turns performing the routine in small groups and "Making It Rain"

1:45pm – Michelle Mynx – Pole-Tential

Personalized Alternative techniques, tips, and tricks for those who have pole experience but desire more time, patience, and options to succeed at pole dance fundamentals and beyond. 
Ideal for those returning to pole after a hiatus, those who are post child birth, recovering from illness or injury, need more time for building strength and personal body awareness, those with extra weight, or those who struggle with physical disabilities. Transcend your limitations and unlock your Pole-tential!

3:15pm – Elizabeth Carmine Black – Evocative

This sensual based workshop focuses on fundamental elements of what makes movement actually Sensual//Sexy. We will explore exercises & sequences that will pull you out of your head, and into your body. *Layers are HIGHLY suggested (leggings, legwarmers,  knee pads, socks, and a tee-shirt). Your feet and knees must be covered. 

3:15pm – Sarah Jade – Bad To The Chrome  – All Levels

Sexy routine to a fun rock n roll song! Al levels are welcome in this class, and variation can be given up or down for students of every skill level. Work up a sweat, and come away with new transitions and combinations! Heels and knee protections recommended.

Sunday July 15th, 2018

9am – Heid Coker: Injury Preventin And The Importance of Handstand Technique – ALL LEVELS

Work smarter not harder! Our main interest will be small muscle development for greater shoulder stability and injury prevention we will also look at strengthening our cores and upper body as a whole technique can make a big difference in injury prevention and increasing stamina, and we will discuss many ways to execute pole tricks more efficiently as well as the importance of handstands in injury prevention

9am – Zoraya: Perfecting Grace – ALL Levels
– Zoraya teaches every workshop with progressions so all levels can participate

Breaking down each individual move to get the best look and safest feel out of every hold. For Intermediate and advanced levels. 

9am – Toby – Partner Acro – All Levels

Floor based acrobatics with a base and flyer. Toby J is a former Australian Sports Acrobatic Champion – learn the art of balancing a partner – don't worry if you don't have a buddy, I can pair you up with someone on the day.

10:30am – Michelle Mynx – Sexotic Deep Flow

Low flow with a sextastic, Exotic flair! Learn a variety of low flow maneuvers and transitions ranging from spins and legwork to leg hooks, heel clacks, rollovers and everything around and in between!

Heels encouraged but not required. Kneepads recommended.

Fun and challenging for pole dancers of all levels, styles, and body types!


10:30am – Karol Helms – Sexy, Slinky Pole Newbie to Intermediate

Anyone from a pole virgin to a seasoned pole pro is welcome to sign up for this super sexy class. New to pole? Karol Helms, USPDF Miss Sexy 2010, will show you how to unleash your own sexy pole prowess! Learn Karol’s super sexy transitions, spins, hip movements, and floorwork in a Mini-Routine, as well as how to flow into and out of each move with slinky ease.  (no inversions, some basic spins.)

12pm – Natasha – Flip Drop and Roll Intermediate/Advanced

Learn crowd-pleasing drops, flips and tumbles, no gymnastics training required! This workshop will teach you safe, progressive techniques to get you from scared-to-death to death defying

12pm – Zoraya: Control Your World – ALL Levels
– Zoraya teaches every workshop with progressions so all levels can participate

Combos, transitions and Power holds. For late Intermediate and Advanced levels.

12pm – Alethea – Queen of the Floor All Levels

What makes a floor work queen? Grab your heels and get ready to find out. This dynamic and fun workshop will lead you through Alethea's signature floorrwork elements and choreography. Special attendiont will be paid to intricate details, layers and alignment.

12:30pm – Lauren Levine Lyra: Aerial Hoop – All Levels

Whether it is your first class or you already love the Lyra, this class is for you!  Participants will be divided into similar skill set groups in this multi leveled class.  A warm up including shoulder engagement exercises, core strengtheners and breaking down hand grips will lead you into various moves and poses. Multiple transitions within each move will be taught for experienced participants. All moves and poses can be modified or advanced.  Be sure to wear long pants and/or leg warmers!

1:30pm – Leesi – Fab Pole Beg/Interm

Good for beginner/intermediate/advanced students who are comfortable with spins and the pole.

What do you get when you combine aerial fabric and vertical pole dance? FabPole! Leesi L’Ru put the two together to create this unique apparatus for Pole Dancing Universe 2011 in Denver,

*Required Attire – Shorts and shirts that cover the entire torso and underarms. (leg warmers optional)

1:30pm – Toby – Doubles Workshop – All Levels with Pole Experience

Learn unique transitions and moves on and off the pole using base and flyer. If you don't have a partner I can team you up with someone on the day..

2pm – Lauren Levine – Aerial Hoop Dance – All Levels

You know some moves now it's time to put them together! Learn how to transition in, out and around the hoop and seamlessly integrate one pose to the next.  A basic choreographed routine will be taught with options for more advanced students to take it to the next level. Build stamina and achieve a more smooth flow of transitions with Aerial Hoop Dance!

3pm – Leesi – FabPole Interm/Advanced Should be experienced at FabPole and advanced level pole/inverts/etc

What do you get when you combine aerial fabric and vertical pole dance? FabPole! Leesi L’Ru put the two together to create this unique apparatus for Pole Dancing Universe 2011 in Denver, CO. Join us for this
intermediate/advanced level workshop where you will continue to gain skills in the art of FabPole. You will learn more intricate techniques involving intermediate/advanced spins, wraps, flying spins, hooks, and even dding in some drops!

*Prerequisite – You must be able to climb the pole & sit. Inverts and an understanding of handsprings are helpful. *Required Attire – Shorts and shirts that cover the entire torso and underarms. (leg warmers optional)

3pm – Heidi – Interesting Combos Intermediate/advanced

Dare to try something new? Starting with some of Heidi's favorite tricks, we will then create some fun combo series. Learn new ways into and out of new and old moves. This is a great workshop for tricksters and people looking for some new moves. This is the beginning of you stepping outside of your comfort zone and pushing yourself to discover your own creative thinking.