NAPDC Presentational


Sunday July 9th 10am
*Order of appearance will be based upon skill levels of beginner, intermediate and advanced/elite

Location: St Charles, IL
Venue: Pheasant Run Resort
North American Pole Dance Championships and Convention

Midwest Pole Dancing is excited to announce the Midwest Pole Dance Presentational
will be a part of the NAPDCC 2017 giving everyone in the community more opportunities to participate in this incredible event!

This event was born our of a need to create performance and judged feedback opportunities for pole fitness enthusiasts in the Midwest under the inspiration provided by our friends in the Northern California Pole Presentational.

This is primarily a showcase event!

The primary purpose of this event it to provide showcase opportunities for our pole community, participants will have the OPTION of privately receiving feedback from our judging panel at no additional fee.

This is not a competition. There will be no trophies, ranking or scores/placement either at the event or afterward.

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