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Please read the following information carefully before you sign up on the next page!

You may register for Open divisions, North American Elite and International Elite

  • The NAPDC Open Exotic Division is now full
  • The NAPDC Open Semi-Pro Division is now full

Credit card errors for international competitors:
If your credit card comes back with a mismatch please do not bother to enter more than twice but instead contact us to arrange a payment by Paypal or we can process your credit card over the phone. You may call us at 1-815-341-6607 or email is at or message Mary Ellyn Weissman on Facebook Messenger.

  • The dates of the event are Friday July 13th through Sunday July 15th


    • Lyra will consist of two divisions: Novice and Advanced and will take place on Sunday
    • All other open divisions, North American Elite and International Elite will take place on Friday
    • All exotic divisions will take place on Saturday
  • When registering or applying to a division, disregard the drop down list of instructors. You do not need to choose an instructor to apply.

Waitlist Option:

  • Once a division has filled you may sign up for the waitlist for that division.
  • No fee is due at the time of requesting to be waitlisted
  • All applicable fees will be due in full if you are offered a position in your chosen event

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