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GMWPJMidwest Pole Dancing was launched in August, 2010 when the first regional pole jam was hosted outside of Chicago. In addition to a 3-hour jam, workshops and showcase attended by more than 60 pole dancers, the desire to network and inspire other pole dancers was obvious and became the focus of MWPD for future events and communication.

Midwest Pole Dancing was developed to foster continued networking and establish supportive relationships among schools which will enable growth and a positive image within and outside of our pole dance communities. The website will serve as a resource for events held within the Midwest United States.


in August 2010, Midwest Pole Dancing announced plans for the first professional pole dance competition to be held within the Midwest region. While other smaller competitions had been run, the Midwest competition was the first to use internationally recognized pole judges, to be sanctioned by the Pole Fitness Association and the international Pole Dance and Fitness Association, as well as to use judging standards recognized by both organizations.

The first Midwest Competition was held in August 2011 and due to it's immense success expanded to an international event in 2012 and has grown to include up to 14 divisions and candidates from around the world

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Midwest Pole Dancing is managed by Empowerment Through Exotic Dance, Ltd

Mary Ellyn Weissman
Hometown: Chicago Heights, Illinois, USA