Leesi Ruskaup

Leesi Ironx 2015Leesi L'Ru is a talented Vertical Pole, Aerial Arts, and Circus performer from Denver Colorado, where she owns and operates her own studio – L'Ru Studios.  It is here where she shares her love for these performance styles with anyone that wants to learn them, while also developing their confidence, strength and sexiness.

Leesi just recently returned from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil where she took first runner up in the Masters Division of the Arnold Classic World Pole Cup 3 in 2014.

In 2012 Leesi became the champion of Pacific Pole Championships level 3, Masters Division for artistic dramatic, the second runner up  winner of North American Championships – Masters Division and Miss Pole Champ West.


Back in 2011, Leesi combined her love of aerial fabric and vertical pole for Pole Dance Universe. Creating a new, never before seen style of dance called FabPole. Leesi will be offering a variety of workshops at this year’s NAPDC for all pole and aerial enthusiast to attend and enjoy.