Friday Showcase

All genre showcase will include pole dance, floor or chair dance – or any combination of. Singles, doubles or troupes are welcome!

  • All genres includes…sport, theatric, exotic, etc
  • Exotic criteria is limited compared to the Saturday Seduction show
    • This show is not only intended for non-exotic performances but invited guests who
      may be more sensitive to extreme exotic performances.
    • Costume cannot be more than PG” rated – brazil shorts and tri-tops at a minimum
    • No G-strings, pasties, thongs or fully transparent without same coverage underneath.
  • No application videos…just sign up before all spots are gone.
  • Every participant is required to purchase a Saturday pass or a weekend pass to participate in the showcase.

Stage Specs:

  • Poles will be at floor level (no stage risers this year)
  • Staging area: 24′ wide be 16′ deep
    • Wood laminate flooring
  • Poles
    • 45mm chrome X-Pert competition poles
    • 13′ high
    • 10′ space between