Sexy Dance Contests

Sexy Floor Worksm

Sexy Floor Work Contest – Sunday July 17th approx 11:00am
(immediately following the Sunday Morning Presentational Showcase)

*All times are approximate

Registration is now open!

Click here to register (read below first!)

  • The first 8 to apply to register will be accepted. No application video is required
  • Open to all weekend pass holders, volunteers and competitors from both the open and pro divisions
  • Must purchase a weekend pass to participate or work as a volunteer


  • No application video will be required – the first 8 to apply will be accepted
  • No application fees
  • Winner will receive a trophy and $100


  • Competitors will not choose their music.
    A random song will be played and the competitor will begin dancing when the music begins
  • No stripping to nudity allowed
  • Minimum tri-top and bikini-style bottoms
  • The music will be 90 seconds per song.
  • Some standing moves will be allowed but the majority of the performance should be kneeling, sitting, reclining, etc.
  • There will be only one winner…no first and second place
  • Winners will not receive score sheets but will be chosen by a judges consensus among a panel of at least three judges
  • All props must be approved
  • No chairs will be allowed as props in the sexy floor contest and the poles cannot be touched at any time.