Semi-Pro Division

***Please note that as some of our criteria has changed since last year, the video above may not accurately reflect either prohibited or allowed moves. Please review the criteria below carefully.

Friday July 13th

Please note these rules and the criteria below are subject to change but will be finalized before finalists are announced. In the interest of determining the most fair and uncomplicated criteria for this division we will continue to consider variations in the criteria but the skill level will be in line with someone who is not ready to compete in the professional/elite level division with the criteria entailed in that division.

This competitor may be just perfecting Ayesha's and split grip hand springs but will not be ready to compete with moves requiring higher levels of skill and flexibility such at Janeiro, Oona/Russion splits, Jade splits, fang poses, etc. The only aerial invert allowed will be the basic invert position. See bottom of page for further clarifications.

General description:

  • This is a national division open to residents of the US, Canada and Mexico
  • Open to dancers age 18 and over, including over 40 years old.
  • Open to men and women.
  • One pole will be on static (stage left) and one on spin (stage right).

Limitations of experience:

  • Should not be proficiently performing a number of moves which are from the prohibited list of moves in this division.
  • For Example…you may be working on Fonjis, Spatchcocks, Iron X's, aerial deadlifts and hands free cupids but are not smooth and proficient at performing all of them together in a routine.
  • May be currently or may have previously worked as an instructor and/or paid to perform 

*Entry into this division is based upon an "honor" system. Due to the varied levels of national level competitions being held, we wish to keep this division comparable to the levels within our own event. If you have any questions about whether you qualify for the Semi-Pro division, you should contact the organizers. Should it be determined after you have been accepted into this division that you do not in fact qualify based upon other performances, you may be offered the chance to move up to the elite division or will be disqualified without penalty or fines

Judging Criteria

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Moves allowed:

  • All static single and two-handed spins are allowed

    • hips may not be above (but may be level with) shoulders
    • No inverted spins
    • exception: inverted chopper spin
    • exception: reverse grab/dislocator spin hips may go above shoulders
  • All transitions between aerial moves must maintain 3 points of contact.
  • Upright aerial poses may have two points of contact
  • May shoulder mount from the floor only
  • May cradle/tuck invert from the floor only
  • May handspring from the floor only into moves with at least 3 points of contact such as butterfly, Apprentice, Jamilla and inverted D
  • Basic invert from the floor or aerially (mounting with pole to the side) may use any grip as long as the pole remains tucked under one arm.

    • ie: "funky grip" "cupped grip" "claw grip"
  • All transitions between inverted aerial poses must maintain 3 points of contact

    • This does not mean all aerial poses/tricks…but the act of transitioning from one inverted aerial pose to another inverted aerial pose.
  • Upright transitions and coming down from a pose may have two points of contact.
  • May descend from inverted position into twisted, split grip, elbow and forearm holds with 2 points of contact such as Ayesha, straddles, straight edge, etc.
  • Handstands/elbow stands allowed up to the pole
  • Upright positions with head/shoulders/ribs above hips may include leg splits positions
  • "Basic" floor work holding onto the pole which may include inverted straddle, trapped leg splits/variations, knee circles/teardrops, etc
  • All other floor work away from the pole (not touching the pole) is allowed without restrictions
  • No flag inverts but may include flag poses with legs in any position as long as hips remain equal to or below shoulders

Moves not allowed include but not limited to:

  • Rainbow Marchenko
  • Batwing
  • Cocooon
  • Spatchcock
  • hands only climbs
  • Inverted climbs
  • Chopsticks
  • Dragontail/Dragons Wings
  • Devils point shuffle
  • Meathook poses
  • Starfish
  • Phoenix
  • Titanic
  • Dragon's Tail
  • Bird of Paradise
  • Full moon
  • Poisson
  • Superpain version of superman
  • Titanic
  • any moves involving extreme flexibility or oversplits
  • No extended iron-X…may pass through but may not pause in iron-X
  • No extended planche poses…may pass through but may not pause in planche (face up or face down)
  • May not handspring from the floor into moves with two points of contact (May not handspring into Ayesha's, straddles, straight edges, etc)
  • May not perform aerial handsprings or aerial shoulder mounts
  • May not perform any aerial inverts aside from the basic/straddle invert

***Any moves of which you are not certain of by the name on either the list above or the link below is your responsibility to contact the event organizer to confirm.
Judges will not determine prohibited moves – they will be determined by the event organizer based upon the criteria.
Failure to adhere to the criteria will result in penalties from points deducted up to and including disqualification.

Click here to see a list of additional moves approved for Semi-Pro