Lyra – Novice & Elite

Sunday July 15th

General Description

  • This is an international division open only to residents of the US, Canada and Mexico
  • Open to all dancers regardless of their months or years of experience.
  • No limits to the type and skill level of moves allowed.
  • Open to dancers age 18 and over, including over 40 years old.

Lyra Novice

  • No drops allowed (release and catch)

    • There must be one point of contact
    • no moves where there is no contact with the lyra between moves
  • No planche poses – held longer than 2-3 seconds(body balanced parallel with ground)

    • May "pass through" a planche type pose but not hold one.
  • No single foot/ankle hangs or holds (toe or heel)
  • Limited to 1-2 360 degree rolls
  • Music must be no longer than 3:30

Lyra Elite

  • Minimum 2 drops (release and catch)
  • No more than 10% of performance will include floor work/touching floor
  • Minimum of at least one 30-second continuous spinning sequence
  • Music will be between 3:30 and 4:30

Moves not allowed:

  • No moves may be performed on the spanset or truss
  • Additionally no props or other apparatus attached to the lyra may be used


  • Competitors will bring their own hoop, spanset/straps and carabiners.
  • Hoops may be single or double tab, taped, plain and any size/diameter.
  • Point of attachment will be a swivel at approximately 10.5 – 11 feet
  • Competitors must bring a variety of rigging devices so that the lowest point of the hoop is no less than 3 feet above the floor and no more than 6 feet above the floor

*** In order to expedite a smooth and quick transition between competitors, no competitors may share hoops or rigging equipment unless they are using exactly the same set up, length and spanset. We cannot guarantee placing competitors so that they have time to change their rigging equipment as placement is randomly generated.

Judging Criteria:

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