International Elite Prep


Friday July 7th 8:15pm

General Description

This open divisions guarantees placement when you register to compete. It is open to both men and women, living anywhere in the world. There are no restrictions to the moves allowed within this division.

  • This is an international division open to all residents globally
  • Open to all dancers regardless of their months or years of experience.
  • No limits to the type and skill level of moves allowed.
  • Any aged dancer, male or female, may apply.
  • One pole will be on static (stage left) and one on spin (stage right).

Qualifications of Applicants:

  • May work as a pole teacher or other pole professional performer but has not taken 1st place in a high level professional division in the past.
  • Has not placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd at NAPDC Elite in the past
  • May have placed 2nd or 3rd in other NAPDC divisions in the past

Judging and Compulsory Components:

This division will be judged as follows:
Technicality: 50 points
Presentation: 50 points
Artistry: 50 points

Sample Score Sheet

Moves not allowed: None