FabPole Division

Sunday July 9th 11:15am

General Description

  • This is an international division open only to residents of the US, Canada and Mexico
  • Open to all dancers regardless of their months or years of experience.
  • No limits to the type and skill level of moves allowed.
  • Any aged dancer may apply including 40 years old and over
  • Only one pole will be used (stage right) and it will be set on spin mode.

Equipment specification:

  • Top rigging will be equiped with an X-Pole Silkii - no other system may be used
  • Competitors may bring their own equipment (carabiner, figure 8, etc) and silks
  • Competitor or, if they choose, NAPDC staff will connect to the Silkie at the top
  • Optionally, competitors have the option to use fabric, carabiner and figure 8 provided by NAPDC
    Fabric will be 12' black or white FabPole fabric (55" wide)
  • May not touch or use rigging or truss during performance

Judging Criteria:

This division will be judged as follows:
Technicality: 50 points
Presentation: 50 points
Artistry: 50 points

Sample Score Sheet – coming soon

Moves not allowed: None