Exotic Pole Art Division

Saturday July 14th

General description:

  • This is an international division but open only to residents of the US, Canada and Mexico
  • No limits to the type and skill level of moves allowed.
  • Sensual/erotic movement is allowed
  • Open to men and women.
  • No stripping to nudity allowed
  • Minimum tri-top and bikini-style bottoms
  • No g-strings, pasties or merkins
  • No see-through fabric on bottom layers
  • No boots allowed…limited to ankle high shoes no further than 5' above instep or bare foot
  • One pole will be on static (stage left) and one on spin (stage right).

Move Restrictions:

  • May descend from inverted position into twisted, split grip, elbow and forearm holds with 2 points of contact such as Ayesha, straddles, straight edge, etc.
  • Must maintain 3 points of contact for all other aerial transitions and poses except as noted above
  • No deadlifts
  • No lever positions
  • No iron x
  • No extreme flexibility moves such as, but not limited to, Eagle, Rainbow Marchenko, Spatchcock, Wild Falcon, Prawn
  • MAY invert aerially but no aerial handsprings (MAY handspring from the floor without deadlift)
  • No aerial iguana mounts or from floor (MAY lower into iguana grips)

Judging Criteria:

***It is very important to note that while moves are restricted within this division there will be NO level of difficulty score for this division. Instead, LOD will be replaced with "Execution" specifically related to choice of moves suitable for the competitor's own skill level. This includes ability to enter and exit move with fluidity and control as well as did the competitor choose well or did they appear to attempt a move they are not yet ready with which to use in competition/performance.

This division will be judged as follows:
Technicality: 50 points
Presentation: 50 points
Artistry: 50 points

Sample Score Sheet

Sensuality Factor:

The Erotic Pole Art Division is unique and in order to differentiate it from other divisions, it will be judged slightly differently.

We have not only added a fourth compulsory component – costume – but each component will be factored by how sexy it is (without being raunchy!) with a second score given to each component.

First, each of the above components will be scored on a scale from 1-10.
Next, each above component will be rated on a scale from 1-10 based upon how sensual that component was.
Those two scores will be combined to determine the final score for that component.


Competitor scores 8 on floor word…but his/her sensuality factor is 8.0
Resulting score will be 6.4
8 x 80% = 6.4

Moves not allowed: None