Video information

Please note: The date stamp on Youtube may not be later than March 26th. If dated March 27th, that means you submitted after midnight and past the deadline. However, your application must also be prior to midnight therefore you should be uploading your video early! Youtube can take a long time to upload videos and we cannot accept any late videos regardless of the reason.

*No compulsory moves are required for the online video application and you may use any performance video, including from past NAPDC/Midwest competitions, for your application

  • All videos must be uploaded to Youtube
  • All videos must be listed on Youtube as "public" or "unlisted"
  • The "title" or "Caption" of the video should be named with "No. American Pole Championships – Your name and the division(s) you apply to" so that the judges can confirm that they are judging the video you submitted. (reasonable abbreviations are allowed within the caption)
  • Any video submitted as private will be rejected without notice or refund
  • Maximum exactly 3:00 minutes and no minimum. Any videos 3:01 or longer will be rejected.
  • The maximum length is based upon your performance time from when the music stops until when it ends. Dead space on the video or announcements during a performance video will not count toward your 3:00 maximum.
  • No studio names or titles from other competitions may be indicated with your video.
  • Please check your video to make certain that the music has not been removed by Youtube. Check it again 24 hours later.
  • If the music is removed by Youtube we will try to reach to to determine other alternatives but we will not accept other options unless there is a music conflict
  • You must include the url of your video on the application form
  • If also applying to the essential pole division, there is space on the application form for a url to your other video.