Online video judging

Online Round: (applies only to divisions requiring online application videos)

Essential Pole, Midwest Elite, Masters (40-49), Semi-Pro, Men's Elite and Women's Elite:

1. Artistry – 5 points
creativity, aesthetically pleasing, expressive, imaginative

2. Execution & skill – 20 points
level of difficulty, variety of moves at all levels, variety of floor work, tricks, spins and transitions, musicality etc

3. Form & fluidity – 20 points
point, extension, alignment, musicality, control, fluidity of moves and transitions, etc

4. Presentation – 5 points
music choice, costume, attitude, style, visual personality

***Please Note: Emphasis in the online round will be placed upon form, execution and skill level. We are looking for clean, well-executed moves which are consistent with the skill level expected within the applicants division.

-Quarter points allowed
-2 judges will evaluate each division
-All scores will be combined for a final result.
-Those participants with the top scores totaled among all judges will be our finalists.
-A mimimum average score of at least 30 out of 50 is required regardless of placement


Feedback and evaluations:

Feedback from online rounds will consist of numerical evaluations only.
Little or no written feedback will be provided for the online rounds.