Online video judging

Online Round: (applies only to divisions requiring online application videos)

Essential Pole, Midwest Elite, Masters (40-49), Semi-Pro, Men's Elite and Women's Elite:

1. Artistry – 5 points
creativity, aesthetically pleasing, expressive, imaginative

2. Execution & skill – 20 points
level of difficulty, variety of moves at all levels, variety of floor work, tricks, spins and transitions, musicality etc

3. Form & fluidity – 20 points
point, extension, alignment, musicality, control, fluidity of moves and transitions, etc

4. Presentation – 5 points
music choice, costume, attitude, style, visual personality

***Please Note: Emphasis in the online round will be placed upon form, execution and skill level. We are looking for clean, well-executed moves which are consistent with the skill level expected within the applicants division.

-Quarter points allowed
-2 judges will evaluate each division
-All scores will be combined for a final result.
-Those participants with the top scores totaled among all judges will be our finalists.
-Those who enter more than one division will be placed in the division of which they placed the higher results.

Applicant places 7th in national pro division and 4th in regional pro division, they will be offered only the position in regional pro.

Feedback and evaluations:

Feedback from online rounds will consist of numerical evaluations only.
Little or no written feedback will be provided for the online rounds.