Round One: Online Video Submission

Applicants are responsible for all of the information on this page plus on the following links:

See the link Application Form to apply



ALL Divisions: close at 11:59pm CST Saturdat March 31st.

  • Finalists will be notified on or before April 14th by email
  • The same video may be submitted for both divisions
  • There is no discount for applying to more than one division

Online Selection Process:

  • Applicants will be chosen based on points and the highest within each division will be offered a place in the final round. Each chosen finalist will be offered only one position within one of the final rounds and may not opt to move to a different division than the one they are offered.
  • If a finalist qualifies for and enters both the international elite and the midwest elite divisions they may apply to both but they may only compete in one of those two divisions
  • Applicants who qualify for more than one division will be placed within the division in which they ranked highest

    • For example: an applicant who ranks 4th within the Midwest Elite duivusuib but ranks 2nd within the international Elite division will only be offered a place within the Midwest division and cannot opt to compete within the international Elite division.

***Please note: Your application must be submitted by exactly 11:59pm CST on Saturday March 31st

Applications submitted at exactly 12:00am on Sunday April 1st or later will be disqualified without notification or refund.
We cannot accept videos after the deadline for any reason, including uploading problems or failure to provide your correct URL.

Please upload your video early to avoid these possible complications – uploading close to the deadline is done at your own risk.

Application Fee:

  • All online video submissions will require a $55 application fee
  • Any payments or applications submitted after 11:59pm will be rejected.

Confirmation Fee:

  • If accepted into the final round a confirmation fee of $100 will be required paid to the event organizer within 72 hours
  • This fee will include up to a $75 credit good toward ONE workshop. This fee may not be refunded, credited or exchanged if the finalist opts not to take a workshop.

Fee for rejecting your offer:

Due to the time and work required by the organizers and online judges, only serious applicants should consider applying to the online rounds.

Applicants who drop out of the competition for any reasons other than health or injury or the health of an immediate family member (Physicians statement will be required) after they have accepted an offer from Midwest Pole Dancing by signing the required contracts, the applicant will be charged a $500 fee.

All physician statements are due within 72 hours of onset of illness or injury.


Only numerical results will be provided by the online and final round judges – Written feedback and critiques will not be provided by judges.


Applying to multiple divisions 

Videos may be submitted to more than one division if applicants meet the criteria of more than one division.

Applicants may only compete within one division – if an applicants qualifies with high scores in more than one division, they will be assigned to the division in which they scored higher.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your submission for any level to avoid disqualification and disappointment! If you wait to contact us during the final minutes before the deadline we will not be responsible for responding in time for you to re-submit your video by the deadline.

Participants may ONLY compete in one pro division of the competition.

All divisions open to both men and women except for the International Elite divisions which are divided into gender specific divisions

Registering for the NAPDCC Open in addition to a Pro division

 In addition to applying to the pro divisions, applicants may also register and participate in any open divisions.

  • The full registration fee is still applicable for each open division applied to
  • Finalists, if accepted in the Pro division may compete in both Pro and any open divisions they apply to.
  • Applicants may choose to drop out of the open if they are accepted into a pro division but refunds are not guaranteed
  • Refunds will only be considered and credited if their spot is filled by another person from the waiting list for the open division they applied to

Length of online video:

  • Maximum 3 min 00 seconds
  • Recommended, but not required, minimum 2 min 30 seconds
  • Videos lasting longer than exactly 3:00 minutes will be disqualified.
  • Please do not send videos asking judges to disregard a portion of your video or your video will be disqualified.
  • Any edited version of music is allowed for the online video submission – no clean edits are "required" for this round. the only restriction is length and viewing of the video itself.
  • "video length" will apply to the length of the music and dance in the video. i.e.: if there is silence, introductions, etc at either the end or the start of the video that time will not count toward the minimum/maximum video length. However, there should not be excessive talking prior to or following your video including commentaries or announcements about previous competition placement, etc.

Upload and Content:

Online video: Must be uploaded to Youtube only.

  • All videos must be uploaded to Youtube and set to "public" or "unlisted"
  • Videos set to "private" will be rejected without refund of application fee.

NO VIDEOS from other hosting sites will be accepted.

THE VIDEO ITSELF: No titles, subtitles, credits or captions at any point of the video (other than that which may identify the division you have entered and your name) and no talking to the viewer. The video portion must be only of your unedited continuous dancing.

While we are not demanding any particular criteria as we know you will be “saving” your best for the competition, this is your chance to show us what you’ve got – what you are capable of – how exciting you can be – and why we should choose you! We want to see that you put some effort into this submission. Remember this competition is about the best overall performer so don't just trick out (though pole tricks are also important) but show us your dance! A beautiful performer may beat out the best trickster! Don't forget your spins and floor work!

Videos may include an introduction if using a video from a performance or competition, however, your introduction as well as any captions in the video may not in any way refer to any titles you won either in that competition or from a previous event. Please edit your video appropriately.

  • You may use a clip from a show, performance or competition as long as it meets all the criteria for your division.
  • Does NOT require the use of both static and spin….may use only static OR spin for your application videoMay not be presented sideways: Videos submitted which are not upright will be disqualified without notification.
  • Must clearly keep all parts of the body in frame. If the feet/hands or other parts are out of frame, video will be disqualified without notification.
  • Video may not be edited in any way but must consist of continuous dance performance – ex: may not fade in from one trick and out to another.
  • Video must be clearly visible and sufficiently lighted
  • Video MUST be upright or will be rejected without refund
  • Video may NOT indicate where you are from or what pole school (if any) you are affiliated with or will be disqualified without notification.
  • Judges and the organizer will reject any videos which do not meet the above standards and application fees will not be refunded.


Any questions about the online application process or fees must be made by email or by phone no later than 5:00pm CST on Friday March 24th.

We will not be available to answer questions or assist with your application after 5:00pm CST on Sunday March 26th.

We highly recommend you do not wait until the last day to submit your video and application as we cannot be responsible for internet problems or delays of any type which cause you to miss the deadline!


*Note: if you do not receive an email confirming receipt of your application within 24 hours, please contact us by phone immediately at 815-341-6607. Please save your confirmation page for proof of submission.