“Open” vs “Pro” Divisions

What are the differences between the open and the pro divisions:

Pro: International Elite and Midwest Elite

  • Will require application by video
  • Fee $55
  • Last day to apply: March 26th, 2017 11:59pm CST
  • Will be notified in mid April if accepted into their division
  • May apply for more than one division with a $25 fee for all subsequent divisions
  • May only qualify and compete in one pro division
  • May also sign up for and compete in one or more "open" divisions even if accepted to compete in the pro division
  • If accepted you will have full access to all events, General admission seating and you may purchase workshops

Open: Erotic, Erotic Elite, Intermediate, Semi-pro, Elite Prep, Masters, Grand Masters, Essential, Doubles, Lyra and Fab Pole

  • Register to compete by signing up online – no pre-qualifying application video required
  • Registration closes when the first available 8/10 spots are filled (first come first served basis)
    ie: the first ten to register will compete in each division
  • Registration fee $125 pp/per division
    Apply to more than one division and you must pay $125 for each division.
  • Exception: Doubles pay $200 combined for both partners ($100 each)
  • Registration to one or more divisions will give you full access to all events only for yourself, VIP admission seating and you may purchase workshops.

Wait list:

Should a position become available in any Open division we will keep a waist list among those who could not enter. Please email us at Info@MidwestPoleDancing.com with the subject line "wait list" and let us know which open you would like to be on the list for availability. Wait lists will close on June 1st, 2017

Withdrawal from open division to compete in the pro division:

  • Waiting lists will be kept for cancellations which may arise in the open divisions
  • If accepted in the pro division, you have the option to withdraw from the open and put all of you effort and practice in the open division
  • Refunds will only be given if your spot(s) is filled by someone on the wait list

Withdrawal from open division due to other reasons:

  • Withdrawal due to any other reasons such as health, family emergencies, work schedules, etc (anything at all) will not result in a refund or credit of any kind
  • Your general admission pass may be sold privately to a friend but you must notify us of the transfer of your pass and withdrawal from the open