Final Round: (applies to ALL divisions by registration and by online video application)

  • Emphasis will be placed on overall performance.
  • Equal points will be possible within all areas of scoring (slightly higher points within elite divisions for originality and showmanship) – someone with superior strength or tricks will not have a disproportionate advantage over someone with superior form and artistry. This will basically come down to which performance is the most riveting for the audience to watch!
  • All of the judges scores will be counted toward the final results – high and low will not be discarded


Points will be awarded based on the following criteria

Artistry – 50 points (70 points in Elite pole divisions)
Audience engagement (no talking/gesturing to audience or encouragement of applause allowed)
Creative choice of moves
Costume (style, fit, creativity)
Music choice (originality of expression, creativity)
Originality of performance

Presentation – 40 points
Fluid transitions
Dynamic movement
Choice of poses – originality
Balanced use of spin and static poles
Variety of tricks, spins and transitions (Ex: Advanced should vary their routine to include basic level moves)

Technicality – 50 points
Correct and safe body alignment for each move
Difficulty of tricks
Strength relative to skill level and gender
Flexibility (hyper flexibility will not award higher points)
Complexity of combinations (both spins and tricks) allowed within division
Full completion of moves

Open Divisions – Elements

All open divisions except for exotic will be weighted based upon competitor's choice of "element" which are:

  • artistic/dramatic
  • exotic/sensual
  • acrobatic/gymnastic

The competitor chooses one of the above elements indicating the overall/basic "theme" of their performance. If their theme or style is more artistic or more sensual or more acrobatic.

Scoring is the same through the 3 main sections of scoring as in other divisions: artistry, presentation and technicality

Once the final score is totaled, the judges will then give a score of 1-10 as to how well did the comptitor express their element (theme) and that score is translated to a percentage.

Example competitor 1:

  • Overall score from judge 1 after totaling 3 sections: Artistry, presentation and technicality is a 100
  • The judge then gives competitor a score of 5 out of 10 for adhering to their theme of gymnastics
  • 5 translates to 50%
  • Final score = 50

Example competitor 2:

  • Overall score from judge 1 after totaling 3 sections: Artistry, presentation and technicality is a 80
  • The judge then gives competitor a score of 8 out of 10 for adhering to their theme of sensuality
  • 8 translates to 80%
  • Final score = 64

Competitor 2 receives a final score higher than competitor 1.


Penalty for Intermediate and Essential Divisions: Use of prohibited moves, will result in deduction of up to 5 points per move or possibly disqualification.

Other Penalties for all divisions

Hard Penalties: (objective and measurable or unanimous by all judges where applicable)

-Finalists who do not comply with deadlines will receive a penalty of one point for each day past the stated deadlines for each item. Each new day will be counted at 12:00am.
-After 5 days late/5 points deduction for any one deadline or 10 points total deductions for late to deadlines finalist will be disqualified.
-Fall – up to 10 points total (not per judge)
-Severe Wardrobe malfunction : display of intimate body parts (nipples/areola on women, genitals on both men/women) – may result in full disqualification
-Use of unapproved move may result in between 5 points per judge or full disqualification upon decision of the panel
-Encouraging audience applause – may result in full disqualification
-Intentional use of rigging – may result in full disqualification

Soft Penalties: (Subjective by each judge)
Wardrobe malfunction including too much gluteal fold/cleft or too much glute – up to 5 points per judge
Accidental or deliberate touching or using rigging – 1-2 points per occurrence per judge
Stumble, mis-grip, etc – up to 2 points per occurrence per judge

Judging and Deliberation

  • All judges will have pole dance experience
  • All judges will score all elements
  • Judges will be shown the final results before they are announced at the competition however, no deliberation of the results will be allowed except in the case of a tie.

After The Competition
Score Cards:

  • Must be picked up the morning after your division or the afternoon for Sunday division
  • Ranking within your division will be emailed within 30 days of the event when possible.
  • The decisions of the judges are final.
  • Except in the event where proof of cheating or poor sportsmanship has been proven, there will be no deliberation of the results of the competition after the event. There is no appeals process or arbitration following the competition.

Sample Score SheetClick Here