Sample Score Sheet

This score sheet is available for the purpose of providing competitors with the information they need to understand
how they will be judged in the final rounds.
Copying or use of this score system is not allowed without consent from the event organizers.
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MWPD2017 Score sheet – All rights reserved.

Start over*:

In the event of equipment malfunction, the competitor may stop and request to re-start their performance from the beginning. In this case all of the competitor’s previous scores will be crossed out from the score sheets and new scores will be entered, whether they are different or not, to clarify if the scores changed in any way. Only the scores from the full second performance will be counted toward the competitors place in the competition.

If the equipment is found in fact not to be malfunctioning, the performer will be disqualified and will not be allowed to start over.

Falls and injuries*:

At any time in which two or more of the judges or the event organizer feels that a competitor has been injured or has sustained a possible injury and should not continue, the head judge will stand up indicating that the performance should be stopped. Any fall from above four feet, landing on anything other than the feet will automatically be called to an end. The competitor will not be allowed to repeat their performance and will be required to be examined by medical staff. They will not be allowed to start over and must forfeit the event.

Exception – Bleeding injuries*:

If a competitor is noted to be bleeding to the point where they must stop performing it will be determined by the event organizer, head judge and if appropriate by medical staff, whether the competitor may return and repeat their performance over from the beginning. This will apply to small scrapes and cuts, which may only need simple bandaging to stop bleeding but not putting the competitor’s health at risk.

*Any instance in which a start over occurs, at the discretion of the judges and the event organizer, the competitor will not perform again until after the last performer of their division. If they are the last performer of their division, a 10 minute break will be taken before they perform.

Tie Breaker:

In the case of a tie, score sheets will be returned to the judges who will vote upon the winner between the two contestants.
In the case of a tie by more than two contestants the score sheets will be returned to the judges who each rate all contestants with an overall score of 1-10 and the average will determine the winner.