General Information

Stage and Poles:

  • Poles used will be two Standard chrome X-Pert poles on rigging – both 45mm
  • Poles will be approximately 12 feet high
  • Stage will be 24 feet wide x 24 feet deep. Poles will be approximately 8-9 feet apart.
  • Stage left will be on static and stage right will be on spin (as you are facing the audience)
  • Participants in the Essential Pole and Intermediate division may only use static pole and both poles will be set to static.


International Competitors:

  • International competitors are required to have a tourist visa to participate in this event.
  • Alternatively a work visa will be accepted but is not required
  • Visas must be provided to the event host no less than 60 days prior to the day of the competition or the competitor's place may be forfeited and replaced with another competitor with no refund of any previously paid fees.

Grip Products:

  • No grip products will be applied to poles. Participants may use approved grip aides on their bodies only.
  • Use of non-approved grip products will result in disqualification or loss of title.
  • The organizers reserve the right to check grip products brought into the green room.

Additional Fees and Costs:

  • Finalists in open divisions will be not be charged any other fees for attending the competition, vendor fair or stage shows/seminars.
  • Finalists accepted by application video where a fee of $55 has been paid will be required to pay an additional $100 registration fee if accepted into the event which will include one free workshop valued up to $75 which may be applied to only ONE workshop and will not be refunded or credited if not used.
  • Finalist will be given one general admission seat for themselves only. They may choose to pay full price for VIP seating.
  • Finalists will be responsible for payment for any workshops or private lessons they choose to take.
  • Finalists will be responsible for their own transportation and place to stay
  • Guests of finalists must pay full price for their tickets to the event – finalists may not give their ticket to any friends or family.

Accommodations and required dates of stay:

  • Finalists should reserve their rooms as early as possible to take advantage of the group rate and to avoid having to stay at an alternate location.
  • *All competitors, regardless of where they place in the final event, are expected to arrive the night before their division and stay through 3pm on Sunday
    Exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the event organizer for personal excuses such as prior commitments which cannot be changed.
  • No prizes or gift bags will be given out until Sunday and will not be mailed to finalists after the event. If not picked up at the event prize will be forfeited.
  • Monetary prizes will be mailed by check to finalists after they complete a W-2 at the prize desk on Sunday. If competitors leave before Sunday they will have their W-2 emailed and a hard copy must be mailed back before any monetary prizes will be forwarded.
  • Cash prizes will be sent within 120 days of the event upon prompt receipt of the W-2
  • As a show of good sportsmanship, finalists are expected to attend all performances and competitions following their division.
  • Finalists who break the terms of their contract will not be allowed to participate in future competitions with Midwest Pole Dancing.


  • North American Elite Division: All competitors must live within the US, Canand or Mexico for at least 90 days prior to submission of online video for the preliminary round. Residents must have spent at least 75% of this time in residence unless traveling to teach workshops or perform.
  • International Global divisions including International Elite, Exotic Divisions and all open divisions – may reside anywhere in the world. Must have a valid travel visa to participate.

Returning Competitors from past Great Midwest Pole Dance Competitions:

  • All past competitors are allowed to try out for any division for which they qualify, regardless of past event's placement but may not step down to a "lower" level division unless there have been changes made within the previous higher level division. Contact Midwest Pole Dancing for details.
    (1st place winners may try for the same division again in 2018)


  • Music for the final rounds must be clean edited (radio edit) versions with no vulgarity.
    Music submissions must be sent via email in MP3 or MP4 format or via snail mail on CD in MP3 format. Music must be sent edited to required time format.
  • No reptition of a music piece will be allowed across all divisions on the same day. This includes mixes and covers.
  • Repeat/same music choices are allowed in performances occuring on separate days (Friday, Saturday or Sunday)
  • Music will be approved on a first come – first reserved basis so the earlier you chose your music the better to avoid disappointment.
  • Choice of music may be changed no later than June 6th.
  • Music file must be received by us no later than 11:59pm CST on June 6th, 2018
  • Edited music may include a compilation of various songs merged together.
  • Length: 4:30 for International Elite and North American Elite. All other divisions maximum 4:00

***Music can be reserved at any time once you register for the open and presentational –  or are accepted into the pros.
Send the name of your song by email and make the subject of your email "Music". In the email, please indicate what division you are in.


All competitors must perform under their legal name as listed on their government issued photo ID which will be required to be submitted if they are accepted into the competition. Assumed names may only be used with proper proof of registration of said name.

*We will allow competitors who do not have a legal assumed name to perform under their first name plus the initial of their last name and to use this name on their profile on our website and any promotions related to the North American Pole Dance Championships.

  • A reasonable abbreviation of their name may also be considered for use such as using "Liz" for Elizabeth, etc.
  • Competitors may also consider using their legal first and middle name while omitting their last name.
  • In cases where anonymity is desired and a competitors name is highly unusual, thus easily searchable, upon approval of the event organizers the competitor may perform and be promoted under a completely different name.
  • All names are subject to the approval of the event organizer. While all stage names and nick names will be allowed alongside a competitor's legal name, the use of obviously tawdry names such as "Delicious Candy" will be rejected.
  • Competitors must apply for and sign all legal documents such as contract and waivers under their legal name as presented on their state ID or Passport
  • Competitors are reminded that they will all sign waivers for photo and video releases and that these can and will be used on the internet and other media sources to promote the event. Pictures and video of anyone, regardless of where they place in the final rounds, may be found on news media sources and other social media and the Midwest Pole Dancing Website and competitors may be interviewed by media present at the event thus their faces may still be recognizable.

Note: DBAs/Assumed names are only good in the state in which they are issued. Competitors must have a DBA/Assumed name registered with the state of Illinois

Arrival at venue:

  • All competitors are required to arrive in town no later than 11pm CST the evening prior to their event unless they live locally. 
  • There will be no competitors meeting prior to your division but music/sound check will take place ONLY during your designated rehearsal time the morning of your event.
  • Practice time on the stage will be from 7:30am to 9:45am the morning of your division. Stage poles will be available throughout the day for run throughs.

Leaving the venue:

  • *All competitors are required to leave no earlier than 3pm CST on Sunday or will forfeit their prizes and be banned from future competitions with NAPDC
  • Competitors will not leave the competition hall until after their awards ceremony following their division.
  • Awards ceremonies will be the same day as each division and in most cases immediately following each division.


Costumes should be creative and fun. Sensual or fitness theme is acceptable but should be creatively related to the style of dance and/or the choice of music. The following applies to ALL competitors…men and women included.

  • Removal of portions of costume is allowed as long as remaining pieces are compliant with these guidelines.
  • Excessive exposure, as determined by judges, may result in a penalty of points deducted as a wardrobe malfunction
  • If in doubt, please submit a picture of your costume for approval prior to competition.

Limitations for purposes of professionalism and modesty will include:


  • Full coverage bikini or boy shorts or long pants:
    Full side coverage. No open sides or string ties which allow a gap of skin.
    Gluteal exposure must not be excessive!
  • Exception: Exotic Divisions may include side ties and high cut brazilian bottoms but no thongs, g-strings, merkins or similar.


  • Full breast coverage on women is required.
    No side breast exposure at all.
  • Men may be topless
  • Women minimum of a tri-top with full breast coverage.
  • Exception: Exotic divisions Minimum pasties and full nipple and areola coverage.


  • No leather, PVC, or other fabrics, which may aid in grip
  • No tassles/pasties, G-strings or thongs
  • No latex
  • No body paint other than small tattoos covering no more than a 6" x 6" area – may be more than 6" long is no more than 1" in width.
    (Small decals or temporary tattoos and rhinestones are allowed as long as they are not latex)


  • Shoes or bare feet.
  • No boots, and no shoes higher than an ankle straps
    *bootie shoes allowed but may not extend up the ankle
  • Any material allowed with the exception of decorations, which may scratch the pole.


  • Non-tacky gloves are allowed

Note: Choose costumes carefully. Wardrobe "malfunctions" exposing or outlining intimate areas may result in disqualification and excessive gluteal or breast exposure will result in points deducted. Any questions or concerns should be presented prior to the competition for clarification.


  • Props will be allowed but are subject to approval prior to the competition.
  • Props may not take away from the essence of the pole performance. For example, alternative props such as chair, ropes, silks, etc cannot be used for more than 25% of the routine. No props may attached to the pole or to the rigging.
  • Props may not include anything made of glass and may not leave excessive amounts debris on floor such as glitter or feathers.
  • No pyro!
  • No folding chairs for any event.

*Competitors  and performers will be responsible for placing their own props on stage prior to their performance or having someone responsible for doing so for them. Pole cleaners, staff and event volunteers are not allowed to place props on stage for competitors. At the event organizers discretion they may be responsible for the removal of their prop as well.

Responsibility of Communication by Competitors:

  • Prompt communication and meeting deadlines is an essential part of a successful and fair competition. Finalists will be clearly notified of all deadlines and must agree to meet all deadlines as indicated.
  • Communication by email must not exceed a 24 hour response time from finalist.

***The organizers reserve the right to eliminate, at any point prior to the competition, any competitor who fails to comply with deadlines or respond to email and voicemail communications within the stated time frames.

Press And Promotional Materials:

  • All competitors will be required to sign a photo and video release as well as provide a photograph and bio which will be posted on Midwest Pole Dancing prior to the event.
  • Finalists must be available for possible interviews with press and should not exclude the possibility of being filmed for various media outlets. (not excluding radio, television, film)
  • Videos and photographs from the event will be used for future promotional features for Midwest Pole Dancing including but not limited to press releases, website features, television/film, flyers, etc.

Future Appearances:

  • Winners from each division may be asked to participate in future events as featured performers representing The North American Pole Dance Championships, workshops, etc.